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Назив марке Тамокифен је следећи: Новалдек, Истубал, Валодек, Апо-Тамок, Тамофен, Алтамофен
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Nolvadex is often used during Post Cycle Therapy (прочитајте више на нашем блогу о ПЦТ-у) and also to counter the effects of Gynecomastia. Nolvadex is very popular for Bodybuilders.


The chief feature of this medication is claimed to be its effectiveness in the treatment of women suffering from breast cancer. Another important feature of Tamoxifen is its approval by the FDA.

This medicine inactivates estrogen receptors. This drug prevents the binding of estrogen with the ER molecule. Thus, this preparation doesn’t allow estrogen to stimulate the growth of tumors.

Предности Тамокифена

Тамокифен је прописан да излечи особе које имају одређене врсте карцинома дојке, неплодност, гинекомастија, bipolar disorders, and some other illnesses. This preparation is utilized for both pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women. Since this drug has FDA approval, it has been already used by many individuals. It means that the effects of this medication are well studied. It allows physicians and patients to make informed decisions about the benefits and possible risks related to taking this product.

According to the results of different studies, this product decreases risks of breast cancer in both pre-menopausal and post-menopausal female by 50 %. Could you imagine which benefits can be obtained due to application of this preparation? It is known that this medication may reduce and even totally block development of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

Овај лек може такође смањити ниво холестерола и зауставити губитак костију након менопаузе.

This medication is also administrated for treatment of females who have infertility caused by ovulatory disorders. If ovulation is impeded in a woman’s body, she can’t become pregnant. Doctors prescribe Tamoxifen in order to improve ovulation. Since this medication induces egg creation in such ill women, it benefits them and helps to escape from infertility.

Доза Тамокифена

There is not any general dose for all persons who have various illnesses. Doctors prescribe doses of this medicine subjectively, taking in consideration all aspects that play significant roles in the situation. That’s why people must take the recommended dose strictly, not modifying it.
It is possible only to determine average dosages and common indications connected with application of this drug for treatment of different diseases. This medicine can be taken with or without meal. You have to administrate the tablets of Tamoxifen the same time each day. This principle enhances the effectiveness of this drug. You should swallow the whole tablets without crushing them. Do not drink alcoholic beverages in order to swallow tablets of this preparation.

Some females that have breast cancer may take this product for 5 years. Others administrate this drug 2-3 years, switching after administration of this product to another one which is recommended by the doctors.

Don’t take increased dosages of Tamoxifen. It may be unsafe. If you overdose, contact your doctor immediately.

Нежељени резултати Тамокифена

Нежељене последице овог лијека могу утицати на следеће системе тела:

  • Централни нервни систем;
  • пробавни систем;
  • репродуктивни систем;
  • Скелетни систем;
  • дерматологија.

It happens that persons who use this preparation may suffer from dry skin that is claimed to be a common side effect of this medication related to dermatology.
Што се тиче скелетног система, овај лек може довести до болова у костима.

Овај лек може имати негативан утицај на репродуктивни систем, што доводи до губитка либида.

Tamoxifen may also be dangerous to the central nervous system. Potential side effects of this product which are related to dysfunctions of this system are the following: headaches, depressions, fatigue, and unusual changes in mood.

Потенцијалне заједничке негативне реакције овог лека у случају поремећаја дигестије укључују запремину и мучнину.


Новалдек је трговачки назив Тамокифен. Може се десити да вам лекар може да вам преписује Новалдек. Дакле, требало би да знате да је ово исти производ као и Тамокифен.

Произвођачи Тамоксифена

Tamoxifen is manufactured by AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca has a long history spanning more than 100 years. It produces many drugs which are used in cases of psychological dysfunctions, heart diseases, cancers, infections, respiratory troubles, digestive disorders, and others. It is also produced by Meditech and Alpha-Pharma.

Алтернативни лекови за Тамоксифен

Earlier, Tamoxifen was the only drug to treat females with breast cancer. Nowadays, the choice of products utilized for this need is quite broad. That’s why Tamoxifen has lost its go-to status. Since aromatase inhibitors began to be used, the situation has been totally changed. Furthermore, some medicines of the aromatase inhibitors class are claimed to be safer than Tamoxifen. Sometimes physicians advise female suffering from breast cancer to start with Tamoxifen and then to switch to Aromasin, which is also called Exemestane. It happens that doctors recommend taking Arimidex instead of Tamoxifen. Several scientists confirm that it is unsafe for females suffering from ER-positive breast cancer in the pre-menopausal period to administrate Tamoxifen. Some persons can’t utilize Tamoxifen due to clotting disorders. What can they utilize in this situation? Are there any alternatives to Tamoxifen for them? Yes, there are. They can apply Zoladex or Lupron.

It is necessary to know that lifestyle has an influence on breast cancer too. Several researches discovered a link between lifestyle, nutrition, and breast cancer. According to the data of the studies, the risk of breast cancer in women who have a sedentary lifestyle is higher than in the those who regularly engage in physical exercise. It is also known that when females eat many fruits and vegetables, they may decrease their risk of breast cancer by more than 40%.

Before using this preparation, inform your health care provider about all drugs and supplements that you use. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant. Do not use this drug during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. Inform your physician, if you have an allergy to this product or any of its ingredients. Complete all tests that are recommended by your doctor while you are using this medicine.

Интеракција Тамокифена са другим лековима
Do not take this drug if you take such strong inhibitors as Bupropion, Paroxetine, Fluoxetine, and Duloxetine. Avoid utilizing this medication if you take MAOI inhibitors. The list of the products which cannot be taken during therapy with Tamoxifen is not full. That’s why you should speak with your doctor about any interaction of Tamoxifen with the medications you administrate.

How should you store Tamoxifen?
Чувати лек на собној температури. Држите лек од топлоте и влаге. Запамтите да сви лекови треба чувати даље од домета деце. Немојте игнорисати ова упозорења.