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Робне марке: Халотестин, Халобол 
Генериц Наме: Флуоксиместерон
Активни састојак: Флуоксиместерон

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is a prosteroid that is available as a nutritional supplement. It is a primary clone of a steroid known as ProMagnon which was created in 2007. Halotestin is a powerful prosteroid, but it has some disadvantages. The positive side of a steroid like Halotestin is that it is moderately mild on the liver and also easy on the hairline and estrogen. It doesn’t mean you won’t experience any negative results–it just means that it isn’t the most negative offender on the market of chemically modified prosteroids.


Halotestin includes the steroid 4-chloro-17a-methyl-andro-4-ene3, 17bdiol, which is a similar steroid to oral turinabol and clostebol. Halotestin shouldn’t convert to estrogen or DHT, which makes it moderately free from undesirable reactions. Users may see gains of 13-18 lbs on a 30 day cycle of this supplement and it is considered moderately mild when it comes to undesirable effects.

Halotestin is a dry compound that causes little to no water retention, so it is best stacked with a watery compound like 4-androsterone or 19Nor-Androsterone or 3Beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One. This is because you will desire some estrogen in your system when administrating a dry compound like this. Watery compounds lead to increased mass gains.

Халотестин (Флуоксиместерон) индикације

Fluoxymesterone is a preparation which has been utilized in the treatment of male hypogonadism and delayed puberty in males. It is a potent androgenic steroid that will not make you wait to notice its influence.
Халотестинин (флуоксиместерон) Препоручује се таблете за мушкарце у следећим случајевима:
КСНУМКС. Замена терапије у условима који се односе на ефекте недостатка ендогеног тестостерона.
2. Delayed puberty, if it has been definitely established as such, and is not just a familial trait.
Халотестин (Флуокиместероне) таблете су индиковане за палијацију атропогеног понављајућег карцинома мамара код жена које су више од једне године, али мање од пет година постменопаузе или за које се докаже да имају тумор који зависи од хормона.

Халотестин (Флуоксиместерон) Дозирање

The dose will vary hinging on the person, the factor being the condition and its severity. The general daily oral dose may be taken singly or in divided (three or four) doses.

За потпуну замену код хипогонадалног мужјака, дневна доза КСНУМКС-а до КСНУМКС мг ће бити довољна код већине пацијената. Обично је добро започети терапију са укупним терапијским мерама које се касније модификују према личним захтевима.

У случају одложеног пубертета, доза треба пажљиво титрирати у администрирању безначајне дозе уз одговарајуће скелетно праћење и ограничавање времена терапије на четири до шест мјесеци.

Препоручена општа дневна доза за палијативну терапију код напредног неоперабилног карцинома дојке је КСНУМКС до КСНУМКС мг. У овом случају, Флуокиместероне треба узимати пацијенти у подијељеним дневним мерама како би се гарантовало стабилније нивое крви. Обично је неопходно наставити терапију најмање месец дана за задовољавајући субјективни одговор, а за два до три месеца за објективан одговор.

Као дијететски суплемент, узимајте КСНУМКС капсуле два пута дневно, отприлике КСНУМКС сата. Немојте давати више од КСНУМКС капсула у КСНУМКС-часовном периоду, осим ако их не упути лекар.

Не користите овај додатак више од КСНУМКС недеља континуирано.

Синтеза Халотестина (Флуоксиместерон)

Halotestin 25 consists of the steroid 4-chloro-17a-methyl-andro-4-ene 3, 17bdiol. It is technically a prohormone since it possesses a diol structure that require 3bHSD to make it a total active steroid. It uses the 17a Methyl delivery system, that has latterly been found to be illicit and could stimulate liver stress in persons that misuse alcohol, utilize Tylenol or other recommended drugs, and who might have a pre-existing condition. The drug contains the 4-Chloro group, making it immune to most usual metabolisms. All 17aMethyl products seem to stimulate fast muscle “bloat” that users suggest is muscle gain, when actually it is truly cellular water which you generally lose right after a cycle.

Халотестин (Флуоксиместерон) и ПЦТ

The major trouble with 4-chloro-17a-methyl-andro-4-ene 3, 17b-diol is that much of the muscle increases are lost when you stop utilizing the steroid. It is because the 18 lbs you gain are not as a matter of fact “muscle,” but rather is really cellular water. The common cycle of Halotestin results in a gain of 18 lbs and then a loss of 13 lbs after the cycle, which isn’t the best results for the bodybuilder desiring to keep quality muscle.
This prompt increasing and loss is a downside because everybody realizes you are on steroids when you gain 18 lbs in 3-4 weeks, only to lose 13 lbs of that mass when you give up the steroid.
Usually, Clomid or Nolva are taken 2 weeks before the end of the steroid cycle.

It is also recommended to utilize good nutrition during PCT after a Halotestin steroid cycle.

Функција Халотестина (Флуоксиместерон)

Some athletes interested in increasing muscle seek nutritional, vitamin, or hormonal compounds to improve their recovery and increase their fitness gains. Halotestin was produced by PowerLab Nutrition as an OTC prohormone supplement. This organization asserts that this product stimulates fast muscle size and снага, stimulates energy levels and libido, and won’t convert to estrogen.
Halotestin was created to act as a prohormone supplement and amplify the body’s ability to make testosterone.
The last product feature is significant because if a testosterone supplement like Halotestin were to turn to estrogen inside of the body, the male user would find himself losing muscle, developing female-like features, and accumulating body fat rather than increasing lean muscle gains.

Негативни симптоми Халотестина (Флуоксиместерон)

The possible side effects of Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) are mild. Some consumers may find that with the body’s internal rise in testosterone, they might notice some skin blemishes or acne. It is claimed that the blemishes or acne will disappear after discontinuing use of the supplement.
This product is claimed to be hepatoxic (a compound which increases liver values). High liver values are a sign that the liver is under a lot of stress as it filters ingested substance out of the body.

Халотестин (Флуоксиместерон) Стероидни циклус

Typically, Fluoxymesterone is administrated at the end of a cutting cycle to add more strength to muscles and if the athlete is on a low-carb diet, this supplement will afford him desired strength and aggression.
The muscle hardness caused by this supplement is due to the fact that it is a powerful androgenic, has no water accumulation, and no estrogenic activity. Fluoxymesterone also has got a significant influence on the physique that will be noticed at once in the mirror and by others.

Интеракције са другим препаратима

You may stack it with Winstrol, Testosterone Propionate, Boldenone, Trenbolone, or Methenolone. A recommended dosage is 20 mg a day for 4 weeks. Some may take it for 6 weeks, but be sure to monitor your liver values if you choose this length of usage.

Халотест и Халотестинин

Халотестинин је трговачко име за Флуоксиместерон. Стиче се да здравствени радници могу да користе трговачки назив Халотестинин када се позивају на генерички назив лекова Флуокиместерон.


Не узимајте овај Халотестин (Флуоксиместерон) ако сте у опасности или се лечите због високог крвног притиска, срца, бубрега, штитасте жлезде или психијатријских болести, анксиозности, депресије, поремећаја напада или можданог удара. Пре употребе консултујте свог лекара ако узимате антидепресиве, МАО инхибиторе или било који други лек. Држати ван дохвата деце. Не користите више од КСНУМКС дана без одмора КСНУМКС-а.

Халотестин критике

A bodybuilder reported: “undesirable symptoms which I experienced were the following: increased, random pain in foot, definite water retention, random liver ache. On the positive side: Not much acne on face and back.”
Another user opined: “Amazing preparation. If it is coupled with a strict training regime, Halotestin actually yields good results.”